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  • 84V 42Ah (72V nominal)
  • 300A BMS with Bluetooth
  • Molicel P42A 45A 4200mAh cells
  • voltage indicator
  • thick marine wrap
  • comes with 3D printed extension brackets for the original Sur Ron/ Segway battery cover. Printed in Nylon with Carbon Fiber
  • thick COPPER connectors that can handle 300A
  • Supra X battery connector compatible with the original battery
  • XLR connector for charging (optional fast charger 12A)
  • hand made


$1900 – 84V 42Ah battery pack + cover extensions

$150 – fast charger 12A that will charge the pack in whatever hours is 42Ah divided by 12A…and now you know how to calculate the charging time…it’s 3.5h

~$100 shipping but I’m working on reducing it down to about $50

How to order

Please email us at or use the chat (bottom right corner)

We usually need 2 weeks to ship an order as every pack is hand-made.


Three14 LLC limited warranty. 

  • 1 year full warranty on the non-mechanical issues excluding water damage
  • 24 months of tech support and at-cost service. It means if the battery dies for whatever reason, you will ship it to us and we will fix it at cost. You will have to cover the shipping cost both ways and the cost of all the materials used in the repair. Our goal is not to make money on service.
  • Three14 LLC is not responsible for any accidents, fire outbreaks, explosions, or any kind of injury and damage to your bikes due to the use of our batteries and products. Please take all necessary precautions with the use of our products.


We ship with UPS or FedEx ground. The shipping fee is always listed in an item description. It is possible to pick up items in New York City. 

Return Policy

All returns must be approved and are subject to a 10% restocking fee. The buyer has to cover all shipping costs.